Restraining Orders & TPO

Temporary Orders of Protection (TPO)

Temporary Protection Orders (TPOs) can be an important way to keep people safe. But they can also be abused – used unfairly as a weapon by a vindictive ex or a crazy neighbor. If the order is extended, the consequences can be right up there with a criminal conviction. You can lose your job, your right to bear arms, your home, and even your family. And of course, you risk arrest for any alleged violation.

If you’ve been served with a TPO, don’t wait – a hearing has already been scheduled to extend that order. You need someone to defend you in court, and make sure you’re treated fairly and your rights are protected.

Maybe you’re the one who filed the TPO and need it extended to keep you and your family safe, but are afraid. Let a former prosecutor help you make the strongest case to the judge why you need extended protection.

Whichever side of a restraining order hearing you’re on, it is essentially a trial, and an attorney by your side will help make sure your rights and you safety are protected. Call or text (775) 525-2560 today to schedule a free consultation for your temporary protection order case.

Orrin and his team understand this is a very stressful and even frightening time in your life. He will work hard to fight for your safety, and do his best to help you achieve your best outcome. No matter where you are in the protection order process, he will take charge of your case and help ease your stress. Call (775) 525-2560 today to schedule your free consultation.

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