Record Sealing

Your past mistakes shouldn't define your future.

It’s easier than ever for employers, landlords, and even vindictive ex-spouses to run a criminal background check – it’s part of what can make your past an obstacle to your future.

If you were charged with a crime and the charges were dropped, in most cases we can help you get your record sealed right away. If you were convicted, the law has changed to make more people eligible than ever to get their criminal record sealed and re-start their lives with a clean slate.

But the process can be complicated. We’ll schedule a free consultation to make sure you’re eligible, and then do the heavy lifting for you. If the district attorney objects to the record sealing, you need a fighter in your corner who can tell the judge your story of redemption.

You’ve done your time, paid your dues, and stayed out of trouble. It’s time for a fresh start. Call Orrin Johnson at (775) 525-2560 today to schedule your free initial record sealing consultation.

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