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"When you're facing criminal charges, don't face them alone. Let me help you fight for your rights, protect you through the process, and get your life back on track."

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"I understand that most criminal acts are driven by addiction. You don't know how to help yourself or your loved one break this cycle of self-destruction - but I do. My extensive knowledge of regional addiction recovery facilities, drug courts, and other options that reward addicts seeking recovery can help get your lives back on track."

"Veterans caught up in the criminal justice system have unique needs. You also have earned opportunities to deal with your charges in a way that keeps your record clear. Get help from a fellow veteran who understands what you're going through. I offer discounts for current and past military members and their immediate families."

"Great outcomes for my clients require the skill and the will to go to trial in every case if necessary. I negotiate with prosecutors from a position of strength."

"I listen to you - your goals are my goals. And my experience will help you see options for your defense you never realized even existed."

A Nevada Criminal Defense Attorney

dui defense attorney

DUI Defense Attorney

Have you or a loved one been arrested for DUI? I am a former prosecutor and may be able to find a defense for your case that other attorneys may not even be aware of.

Let me take a look at your case.

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Competitive Rates

The last thing you want to worry about right now is an excessive or unpredictable legal fees.

I’ll communicate my fees in advance. There are no hidden fees and your first consultation is free.

Drugs or Alcohol

Addiction Help

If your child or spouse is struggling with drugs or alcohol you know that without help, things will likely get worse. It’s a helpless feeling.

Let’s talk about how I can help you get your family back on track.

small town lawyer

Rural Experience

Criminal defense in rural Nevada is a completely different world than in Reno or Las Vegas.

In addition to Nevada’s larger cities, I have spent years practicing in Nevada’s more rural communities.

Johnson Law Practice

Johnson Law Practice

Orrin Johnson Law is a division of Johnson Law Practice, which offers estate planning, small business services, real estate help, and more.

The firm, located in the heart of Reno, practices throughout Nevada.

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Professional Integrity

Some attorneys will tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. I’ll always be up front with you about your case and options.

In the end, that will save you time, money, and maybe your freedom.

aggressive lawyer

Aggressive & Experienced

As a former prosecutor, I know what the problems are with the government’s case against you even before the DA does.

You will always receive a personalized legal defense of your case.

best criminal defense attorney in Reno NV

About Orrin Johnson

I have been practicing criminal law in Nevada for over a decade, both as a prosecutor and public sector attorney.

Recognized by Nevada Business Magazine in its “Legal Elite” edition six times.

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