Once you blow into a machine and see a number, you may think there’s no hope of escaping a DUI conviction.  But let Orrin Johnson take a look at your case – you may be surprised.

Orrin is a skilled and experienced attorney who has handled hundreds of DUI cases, and he can tell you all of your options. As a former prosecutor, he may be able to find defenses to your case even other lawyers aren’t aware of. There is a lot more to it than just a number on a breathalyzer.

Even if a conviction is likely, you want an attorney who can walk you through the process, explain the special penalties imposed in DUI cases, help you get your license back as quickly as possible so you can keep your job, and get you some substance abuse help if you need it.

Orrin will take charge of your case and help you reclaim your life. Call (775) 525-2560 today to schedule your free consultation.

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