Serious Felonies

There are very few lawyers in town with the experience, courage, and work ethic to handle the most serious crimes. I am one of them.

Crimes like robbery, burglary, sex offenses, and even murder carry serious penalties – your life is literally at stake. The wrong legal strategy means decades in prison, missing your family, your career, your children, and your freedom.

These types of cases are where a ruthless and unfeeling System does the most damage, and where overworked public defenders and unprepared billboard lawyers get ground up along with their clients.

When your life is on the line, you need the very best. We approach every case from the very beginning with the expectation it is going to trial. We investigate, look at every piece of evidence, and make sure no stone is left unturned in your defense. If a plea bargain is the right answer for you, a respected voice in the legal community will talk to prosecutor and judge alike. We will negotiate from a position of strength, against DAs who know we are ready, willing, and able to fight if they don’t treat you fairly.

If your case goes to trial, you want to go with a former prosecutor who knows how to present your defense to a jury in the most effective way possible. You need an attorney who knows how the System works, from the inner workings of local police departments to the problems prosecutors have to the personalities of the judges.

I’ll also work with you – effective legal defense can be expensive. We can work with you on payment plans, and in some cases offer sliding scale fees based on income. If you are in jail, I can visit you to discuss your case, and will work with your family if that’s appropriate for you. Everyone deserves a good lawyer.

Whatever your charges, whatever the circumstances, I almost certainly have experienced a case like it before – and will know how best to defend and fight for your life. Call or text (775) 525-2560 for a free consultation today.

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