What it Takes to Prove a Defendant’s Innocence – What to Know

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What it Takes to Prove a Defendant's Innocence - What to Know

One of the ways a prosecutor can file a charge against a defendant is if the defendant agrees to
plead guilty in what we call a plea bargain. In turn, the defendant gains some benefits or
concessions from the prosecutor. However, what happens if the defendant denies any charges
and stands firm in their innocence?
If that’s the case, the defendant can challenge any eye-witness’s accounts and other evidence
that point fingers at the defendant. To carry out the challenge formally and effectively, he or she
needs help from a professional lawyer.

Defending One’s Innocence

In principle, a defense works by having a lawyer argue against a prosecutor to save the
defendant from any consequences—jail time, fees, and the likes. Because no two cases are the
same, it often requires the lawyer to get incredibly creative.
One of the ways to go about this is to present the truth in a different perspective. For example, if
a prosecutor presents a reality that blames the defendant for the crime, the lawyer will argue the
fact behind the accusation. In other words, a battle will be held between the prosecutor and
defendant, fighting to prove whose version of the story is authentic.

Carrying the Defense in Court

The defendant can be set free if, and only if, the defendant can provide the most accurate
explanation of the individual’s whereabouts and actions when the crime happened that proves
innocence. Of course, everything that’s said must be the truth. Only with the truth, and nothing
but the truth, can the defense lawyer provide solid arguments against the prosecutor’s

The Mistake of Hiring Expert Lawyers

Don’t get this wrong. Hiring a good lawyer can be the difference between proving your
innocence and paying the consequences you don’t deserve. Unfortunately, too many people
believe that by hiring an experienced lawyer, they can easily conceal the truth while thinking that
they’ll still be out of trouble.
Little do they realize that without the whole story, even the best lawyers out there are going to
have much difficulty proving the defendant’s innocence. With that said, the only way to ever be
free from conviction is to give all the truth, and that the defendant trusts the lawyer completely.
In other words, if a defendant is innocent, there is no reason to hide what had happened. By
only telling half the truth, a defendant is putting his fate on a thin rope, where a lawyer has to
tread blindfolded across it over a pit of failure to reach success on the other side.
If you ever find yourself accused of a crime you did not commit, you know now what it takes to
prove your innocence. Remember, stay calm and don’t rush. Put effort into finding an
experienced criminal defense lawyer, and take time to remember everything that ever happened
that lead up to the crime scene. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either, and please do meet the
lawyer at least once face to face. By fully trusting your lawyer and telling all of the truth that
there is to say, you give yourself the best chances of getting out of the courtroom free.
If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney in Reno, NV, get in touch with us today to see
how we can help!

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