The First Amendment – Civil Society’s Immune System

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The First Amendment - Civil Society's Immune System

While I primarily focus on protecting people’s rights when they’ve been accused of a crime, I am an advocate for all of your civil rights, in and out of the courtroom.

In 2018 I was honored to be asked to give a TEDx Talk on the importance of protecting the liberty to speak freely, even if we don’t like what the speaker has to say.  

I bring this same mindset to defending people in their criminal cases.  Merely being accused of a crime (or any wrongdoing, really) is enough in today’s social media driven world to render someone irredeemably guilty.  And too often, the digital mob demands punishment before any real facts have come to light, facts which later demonstrate the mob-victim’s innocence.  

Our entire, complex system of criminal justice exists because we have recognized for hundreds of years that sometimes accusations are not true.  We value the liberty of individuals so highly, that the right to defend yourself – and the right to have an attorney to help you defend yourself – is written into our Constitution.  (Contact me to exercise those rights today!)


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