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Drugs or Alcohol

Help With Drug or Alcohol Problem

Your son or daughter has been arrested.  You know the drug or alcohol problem is getting worse, and are feeling helpless.  Let me help get your family back on track.

Addiction drives the vast majority of all criminal activity in this country.  Whether the drug of choice is alcohol, pain pills, heroin, or meth, the destructive force of substance abuse on families and in our communities is familiar to anyone who has ever worked within the criminal justice system.

Over the years, I have observed countless family members trying to “help” their loved one suffering from the consequences of addiction.  But the line between “helping” and “enabling” is thin, and too often well-meaning parents spend thousands of dollars doing more harm than good.

Over the past decade, special programs have been put into place in courts throughout northern Nevada as an alternative to simply trying to punish addicts into sobriety.  In many cases, charges can be reduced or even dismissed altogether after successful completion of these programs.

Most of them deal with substance abuse, but not all.  Specialty court programs exist in various forms throughout Northern Nevada for mental health sufferers, problem gamblers, and veterans struggling with service-connected disabilities.

Some attorneys only focus on the criminal case in front of them, but I believe in a more holistic approach.  I’m defending people and their lives, not just a set of facts in a case file.

Not only is addressing your addiction or mental health struggles the right thing for you or the person you want to help, but it makes good tactical sense in the courtroom, too.  Believe it or not, most judges and prosecutors also want to see people clean up their lives and break the cycles of self-destruction that causes too many people to become repeat offenders.  An experienced attorney who can present treatment options to those judges and prosecutors can help turn the terrible experience of an arrest into a positive life-changing experience for entire families.

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